The museum is governed by its board of trustees. There are currently seven trustees, who are also directors of the museum company.

Andy Clark

Andy specialises in cryptography and hi-tech aspects.

Matt Crotty

Matt focuses on finance and fund raising.

Jon Fell

Jon looks after legal and contractual issues.

Kevin Murrell

Kevin specialises in post-1945 computer history and is also Secretary of the Computer Conservation Society (a specialist group of the British Computer Society).

Tim Reynolds

Tim focuses on strategic planning and finance. Tim is also the founder and Chairman of Bletchley Park Capital Partners Ltd.

Margaret Sale

Margaret, who has been involved with TNMOC from its founding, provides all-round support and an important historical perspective.

Bob Willett

Bob, a technology evangelist in the retail and connected technology industries, advises many of the world's retail operators on strategy,

Tony Sale (pictured above), who led the team that rebuilt Colossus, was a co-founding trustee of TNMOC. He died unexpectedly in August 2011, but his legacy lives on. Without Tony, TNMOC probably would not exist today.