Women in computing: video portraits

When computing started in the post-war years, lots of women were involved. But somewhere along the line, things changed. Here are some video interviews with women pioneers of computing, finishing with one person who made a huge impact in the 1980s - and continues to do so.

There are many more women that this who have played leading roles in computing and you can find out about some of them at TNMOC in the Women in Computing gallery and throughout the Museum.

1952 Margaret Marrs, senior computer operator for EDSAC, the first practical stored program computer in the UK

Joyce Wheeler, researcher at Cambridge University and among the earliest users of EDSAC

Mary Coombes, programmer for LEO, the Lyons Electronic Office, the world's first business computer

Dame Stephanie Shirley founded one of the UK's first software startups, dedicated to employing women software developers working part-time from home

Sophie Wilson, leading light in the development of the BBC Micro and co-designer of the ARM processor which is found in more than 90% of the world's smartphones