Summer Bytes LEGO

26 Jul - 3 Aug & 27 Aug - 2 Sep

Summer Bytes - supported by Bloomberg

LEGO lays the foundations for the great digital festival of Summer Bytes at TNMOC this summer from 26 July to 3 August (and a return at the finale at the end of August).

  • LEGO EV3 Mindstorms Build EV3 robots! 26 Jul - 3 Aug plus 27 Aug - 2 Sep
  • LEGO competition - great prizes on offer 26 Jul - 3 Aug plus 27 Aug - 2 Sep
  • and you can see a LEGO robot solve the Rubik's Cube!

At Easter Bytes young people were able to show their amazing skills in LEGO building -- even renowned technology journalist and LEGO fan Jack Schofield was impressed at their attempts to recreate historic computers in LEGO. Let's see what happens this time around at Summer Bytes.

Any Museum visitor can take part at no extra charge to their modest Museum entrance fee.

See the day-by-day listing of Summer Bytes events here