Music Technology

Summer Bytes

Music Technology old and new

14-17 August 2014

Summer Bytes - supported by Bloomberg

In Music Technology, you can browse the computers that have made music -- from the 1980's computers such as the BBC Model B, Acorn Archimedes, early versions of music software, electronic synthesisers and keyboards to those of 21st century.

You can also join in the very accessible taster workshops demonstrating the uses of music software and equipment. They will run throughout each day and include:

  • "No instrument, No problem” – creating electronic music

  • Seeing and shaping sound.

  • Recording and manipulating sound.

  • Voice recording 101 – how to get good quality recordings (know your Wav from your MP3).

  • Music software for composition – how to create a simple piece of music.

  • So you don’t have an electronic instrument? See and understand how you can build your own with cheap off the shelf components.

Short talks will be given on the stages of figuring out what you want to do, evaluating the best components and the processes needed to build a MIDI synthesiser using the versatile Arduino UNO microcontroller. You can also see how to go beyond the bounds of the conventional keyboard, either with the Arduino or using such devices as the Makey Makey.

Any Museum visitor can attend the talk at no extra charge to their modest Museum entrance fee.

See the day-by-day listing of Summer Bytes events here