Reconstructing EDSAC

Summer Bytes

Andrew Herbert on Reconstructing EDSAC

3 and 10 August 2014 at 3pm

Summer Bytes - supported by Bloomberg

Hear the latest developments on the ambitious project to reconstruct one of the world's first digital computers. Andrew Herbert, leader of the EDSAC reconstruction project, will talk about the ongoing work and the challenges they have faced in this fascinating project. He will be presenting his talk in front of the partly reconstructed EDSAC in TNMOC's First Generation gallery..

Designed in 1947 by a team lead by Maurice Wilkes, the original EDSAC computer operated for almost 10 years, starting from its first successful program run on 6th May 1949, at the Cambridge University Mathematical Laboratory.

The EDSAC team's goal is to have a working reconstruction of EDSAC as it was in May 1949, built and operational by late 2017.

The EDSAC Replica Project is a registered charity and is affiliated to the UK’s Computer Conservation Society. Much of the reconstruction work is happening in full public view at TNMOC in the First Generation gallery opposite the restored WITCH, the world's oldest original working digital computer.

Any Museum visitor can attend the talk at no extra charge to their modest Museum entrance fee.

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