Create Special Effects

Summer Bytes Special Effects Long Weekend

8-12 August 2014

Summer Bytes - supported by Bloomberg

Create your own special effects at the Summer Bytes Special Effects Long Weekend. Visitors can learn about some basic special effects used in the film industry and even put them into practice. Try out camera tracking techniques, green screening, and even some stop frame animation.

You'll also be able to

  • wield a lightsaber on a spaceship
  • animate some Lego characters to make a short film clip
  • look down a hole in the floor, wave a wand and see magical particles fly out
  • create demo movie scenes.

all using professional quality open source software (Blender).

Anything you create, you can take away on a smartphone or on a USB memory stick (available in the TNMOC shop).

The software is free so it is quite possible to continue to use and develop skills learned at home or in school - as with everything in Summer Bytes, we aim to offer a taster and if you like it you should be able to develop your skills further in your own time.

Any Museum visitor can take part at no extra charge to their modest Museum entrance fee.

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