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9 August

Summer Bytes - supported by Bloomberg

In the days before CGI (Computer Generated Imagery), there was Mat!

Mat Irvine will be coming to Summer Bytes and bringing a few of his classic special effects that were used on BBC television. He is also likely to give one of his fascinating impromptu talks and will of course be delighted to answer questions.

Mat Irvine was a long-time special effects designer and director for the BBC Visual Effects Department. Working on a wide variety of shows from Doctor Who and Blake's 7, through Horizon, QED and Tomorrow's World, and onto such as Dave Allen at Large, Rentaghost and Are You Being Served?! He was also the effects designer on the multi-award winning BBC drama series Edge of Darkness. You might even remember him from regular in-front-of-camera appearances on Saturday morning children's shows such as Swap Shop and Super Store.

Mat has had a long association with The Doctor's robotic dog, K-9, (though contrary to popular urban myth, he didn't actually design him), and was one of the creators of Robot Wars. In recently years he has specialised in spacecraft miniatures for such as The Sky at Night and Stargazing LIVE.

He is the co-author, with colleague Mike Tucker, of the definitive book of the BBC Visual Effects Department, BBC VFX.

Any Museum visitor can see the exhibits and talk to Mat's at no extra charge to their modest Museum entrance fee.

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