Educational Visits

A visit to The National Museum of Computing is designed to support the Computing curriculum.

Our core programme Computability is offered on weekdays for four hours. This is led by our experienced and knowledgeable Education Guides who will guide your through the tours and activities. It has three start times 10:00, 10:30 and 11 am. We are able to accommodate up to 45 students comfortably. The cost is £12 per student.

Please note – for health and safety reasons, we are currently unable to offer self-guided visits to the museum for students under 18 years of age.

New for 2018 - Add an extra 30 minutes to visit the Bombe for £1. The maximum number of students that can be accommodated is 30. If you would like to bring more students this will have to be integrated into your visit.

Afternoon visits The National Museum of Computing runs highly successful and engaging learning programmes. On occasion we receive requests for visits to follow on from a visit to the Bletchley Park Trust Visitor Centre. These are not a substitute for a full learning visit but will enable students to see key historic exhibits such as Tunny, Colossus and the Bombe. These visits take place after our core programme finishes at 3 pm and can accommodate 30 students.

There are two options:

  • A tour of the Tunny, Colossus and the Bombe galleries continuing the Second World War story from Bletchley Park Trust. It includes the working reconstruction of Colossus, the world’s first electronic computer, and the working reconstruction of the Bombe. This tour lasts approximately 30 minutes.

  • Colossus and the Beginnings of Computing. This visit consists of a tour of the Tunny, Colossus and Bombe galleries, plus the WITCH (the world’s oldest original working computer) and one workshop: either programming the game Snake on 1980s BBC Micros, or creating your own version of the Turing Test. Available on a Monday and Thursday after 3 pm.

Coming soon Engima and the Bombe – Science of the Cipher Computer History Passport

Stay up to date with developments – email:

To book, please email stating * teacher details * information about your class (age, level and number of students) * which type of visit you would like to book * when you would like to visit.

You are welcome to come on a free pre-visit. Contact us to arrange a time when you can meet to discuss your needs.

A fabulous mix of modern world history (particularly World War II), computing and mathematics.
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