Home Educators Day

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This is a special day organised to enable home educators to explore the museum and take part in activities that are available to school groups. Rather than have fixed times and a structured format, the following galleries will be made available to explore during the day with volunteers to support your visit:

Turing-Welshman Bombe – See a rebuild of the machine that hacked the Enigma cipher and hear how they did it!

Tunny and Heath Robinson – see how Britain intercepted and decrypted messages sent by German High Command by creating electro-mechanical machines to hack the cypher

Colossus – see a rebuild of the world's first computer designed by Tommy Flowers

First Generation Gallery – see the world’s oldest working electronic computer and a reconstruction of the important EDSAC machine which helped researchers at Cambridge University win four Nobel prizes

PC Gallery – find out about the development of machines used in the home and play on retro games

Software Gallery – look inside a PC and find out more about languages and apps

Sophos Education Room – find out about the BBC’s 1980s computer literacy programme, try some games and program your own version of snake in BASIC.

You can also sign up on the day to take part in a Turing Test demo at

  • 12:00-12:30
  • 12:45-13:15
  • 13:30-14:00

Find out more about Alan’s Turing’s ideas about Artificial Intelligence and how this is applied to modern day chat bots.

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