Recommend a friend

Introduce us to a colleague who hasn’t been for a Computability visit* and receive a £50 discount.
*within the past three academic years.

Terms and conditions

  • To be eligible, the referred school must not have visited us in the past three academic years. The school making the referral does not need to have been a previous visitor.

  • The referred school will have a discount applied to their invoice. Once the school has paid, the introducing school will receive a voucher that can be applied to its next visit.

  • Discounts cannot be applied during October, November, March and June, as these times are heavily in demand.

  • One discount per booking. If one school books a visit over several days, one £50 discount will apply. If two schools combine to make one booking, one discount will apply.

  • You can refer schools within your hubs or clusters, but they must make a separate booking to visit on a different occasion to you.

  • The discount is valid only for bookings made in the academic year 2018/19, 2019/20.

  • The discount applies only to our core four-hour Computability visit . Discounts cannot be applied against post-Bletchley Park Trust visits or guided tours of Tunny, Colossus and the Bombe.

  • The discount is subject to availability. TNMOC reserves the right to withdraw this offer at any time.