How many students can we bring?

Computing History: A Hands-on Introduction

We accept groups of up to 45 students.

Depending upon the availability of Learning Guides, we will divide your group into sets of 15 students and take them around some parts of the Museum separately.

School and College groups must be accompanied by adults on the visit in the ratio of at least 15:1

Groups up to 15 students in size - a minimum of 1 adult and maximum of 2 adults

Groups up to 30 students in size - a minimum of 2 adults and maximum of 3 adults

Groups up to 45 students in size - a minimum of 3 adults and maximum of 4 adults

If you wish to include a greater number of adults, please make this clear on your booking form. You can bring 1 adult:10 students for free.

Colossus and the beginnings of computing

We can accommodate groups of up to 30 students to take part in this visit. Working on the same teacher to ratios as above.

Tunny and Colossus Please contact us directly to discuss the numbers we can accept for a Tunny and Colossus tour. Email

General information

In order to ensure that we have an appropriate number of Learning Guides available for your group when you arrive, it is essential that the booking form is completed accurately.

Please note that you may change the number of students attending up to one month prior to your visit. After this time the Learning Guides will be booked and you will be charged at the number expressed on the booking form.

The museum is best enjoyed by younger people aged 10 and above. We are happy to discuss a visit by children aged 9 years or younger and how we might arrange a programme to support their learning needs. Please email to discuss this.

Please note, students must be accompanied at all times while visiting the museum.