Support for parents

Ocado Technology Weekend Codability resources

Programming is now part of England's school curriculum and TNMOC wants to support all the children that visit the Museum in taking their first steps coding a computer.

"What can we offer our child so that they can code at home?"

Ocado Technology has supported TNMOC to help answer that question

Through The National Museum of Computing Weekend Codability Project, we offer opportunities to try a wide range of coding experiences, including Ocado Technology's own Rapid Router, a free, fun web app for school pupils aged 5-11.

To make sure our visitors can continue their coding fun at home, we have linked all our favourite coding resources (see below). Explore some of these and enjoy!

The National Museum of Computing cannot accept responsibility for the content of the websites signposted here and we would always recommend that parents supervise their child's use of these online resources. The approaches you will find are very different and several might need to be explored before finding something that best suits your child.

Our coding suggestions follow six main themes. Click on each to find out more.

GUI Code generators
GUI code generators

Using a graphical user interface to control your computer, such as; Scratch, Rapid Router and Dr.Who

Online tutorials
Online tutorials

Teach yourself to program with online support through websites such as codecademy.

Using books
Support through books

Teach yourself to program through books, for example these Python series. Section coming soon

Coding communities
Join the coders

Be part of an online coding community, for example Code Club or Young Rewired State

The Acorn BBC Computer
Code a Beeb

Get some retro-coding on a BBC computer at TNMOC and also at home through an emulator.

Computing without a computer
Computing without a computer

How to explore computing without a computer