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Fujitsu becomes a Foundation Sponsor

Fujitsu is supporting TNMOC by becoming a Foundation Sponsor. The move reflects the pioneering role that Fujitsu’s predecessor companies in the UK, such as ICL, played in the early days of the UK computer industry.

Beeb Fix It Day Success

A crack volunteer repair team descended upon TNMOC last weekend to restore 1980’s BBC micro-computers, very popular machines used in the Museum’s Learning Programme.

In search of the Portrait of a Dead WITCH

The huge painting Portrait of a Dead WITCH by John Yeadon may not be in the world’s top ten list of missing works of art, but it is one that is now eagerly sought by The National Museum of Computing on Bletchley Park.

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Gordon Corera: computers & spies

Hear Gordon Corera, BBC’s Security Correspondent, talk about the secret history of computers and spies in the home of Colossus, the computer that was born to spy. He will also be signing copies of his fascinating new book, Intercept.

Guided Tours increased

No longer just on Tuesdays! Lots more Insight Guided Tours of seven decades of working computers are available of many days of the week, both in mornings and afternoons. Booking is advised. See Autumn dates here.

STEMCyber Girls Day

If you and are a teenage girl and use technology at all, this event is for you! It's STEMCyber Girls Day on 16 October 2015 and will focus on careers. Booking is necessary, but free!

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Snagging: ironing out the EDSAC circuit bugs

The seventeenth in the series of short videos by David Allen about the latest stage in the EDSAC reconstruction project in late summer 2015.

Robinson - the key flaw found?

The Robinson, the predecessor of Colossus, never really worked satisfactorily in speeding up the breaking of Hitler's most secret cypher. The Robinson reconstruction team may have a clue as to why.

The Imitation Game props in a Cambridge home workshop

A home workshop in Cambridge is today playing a vital role in the reconstruction of a Cambridge University machine that 65 years ago led the world’s computing revolution. It’s one of several home workshops across England that are being transported back in time as they play their part in the reconstruction of EDSAC.

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Summer Bytes LEGO computer winners

The winners of the Summer Bytes LEGO buld a computer competition have been announced. As always it was a tough choice with some great entries in each of the two age groups.

New TNMOC video

A whistle-stop tour of TNMOC in smart new video encapsulating the Museum in a couple of minutes. Thanks to Mark Thompson of The Outlook Group for this exceptional piece.

BBC Talking Business visits TNMOC

This week BBC's Talking Business programme came to film its debate on Artificial Intelligence in front of the WITCH and you can see the results on TV or online this weekend.

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