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Ada competition winners meet Colossus vets

Three winners of the Fascinating Ada Competition designed to inspire female students about careers in computing received their prizes at Oxford University and their entries have now been published online.

TNMOC becomes Fujitsu Education Ambassador

TNMOC is to become one of 20 new educational establishments in the Fujitsu Education Ambassador Programme. A Fujitsu Innovation Hub at TNMOC will support learning and skills development.

Top computing experts become trustees

Two computing experts with prestigious reputations in different fields of computing have become trustees of TNMOC: computer scientist Dr Andrew Herbert and computing historian Professor Martin Campbell-Kelly.

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Lighting the Torch

The story of Torch computers. An amazing tale of computer entrepreneurs in 1980's Britain. How three chartered accountants came together to build a British PC. Russell Lyons and Martin Baines will talk about their adventure on 10 March 2016.

Guided Tours increased

No longer just on Tuesdays! Lots more Insight Guided Tours of seven decades of working computers are available of many days of the week, both in mornings and afternoons. Booking is advised. See the listing of Spring dates here.

Christmas Bytes Festival

Digital fun and games for all the family over the Christmas holidays: 19-23 and 27-30 December 2015, every afternoon, 12 noon to 5pm. All for the price of normal Museum entrance fee.

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Two new EDSAC videos

Two new video updates by David Allen show the progress with EDSAC. The machine is coming together as various components are integrated and tested and Chris Burton gives a VDU screen masterclass.

Remembering EDSAC

More of the inside story of the original EDSAC was revealed this week when Mrs Jean Renwick, wife of the late Bill Renwick, EDSAC’s chief engineer, came to visit. A long-held suspicion was confirmed.

Snagging: ironing out the EDSAC circuit bugs

The seventeenth in the series of short videos by David Allen about the latest stage in the EDSAC reconstruction project in late summer 2015.

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Colossus at 72

On 5 February 1944, Colossus Mk I attacked its first Lorenz message. "The rest is history", as they say. Andy Clark tells the story in context at a conference in Poland.

2016 Tony Sale Award - call for entries

The Computer Conservation Society invites entries for the 2016 Tony Sale Award for Computer Conservation. Any person, group or organisation can be nominated. Closing date for nominations is 30 June 2016.

Origins of an artefact: Elliott 903

The Elliott 903, launched in 1965, was once a relatively versatile £10k computer. Today it is popular on TNMOC's Learning Programme. Its origins date back to the schooldays of one of TNMOC's volunteers.

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