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Colossus decrypts to be revealed after 75 years

75 years ago Colossus attacked a Lorenz message for the first time. Decrypts of the intercepted intelligence have been discovered and are being analysed by researchers for a special display in May.

Museum volunteer helps win Emmy in his day job

Delwyn Holroyd, a volunteer at The National Museum of Computing, is celebrating an Emmy award for the company he co-founded and of which he is now Technical Director.

Colossus tools of the trade

Seventy-five years after the first Colossus was under construction, the original tools and tool bag of an engineer are on display alongside the working rebuild of Colossus.

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The Museum will be holding its first-ever ElectroJumble on Sunday 21 April 2019 between 10 am and 2.30 pm. Items for sale will include test equipment, military items, domestic radios, telecommunication equipment and vintage components.

Volunteer Recruitment Day

Thinking about your New Year resolution? What about volunteering at one of the world's top computing museums? Put Saturday 23rd February in your diary...

Week of Code returns for 2018!

It’s back! The week-long coding event for keen young programmers and developers aged 12-17 returns to TNMOC. It runs daily 10am to 5pm from 23rd July 2018. Registration required, but it's free! And friendly!

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Authenticity v Reliability

EDSAC Video Update: as the roof work continues, work doesn't stop, it carries on in team members' heads. EDSAC has been seen to run on its own, so what are the challenges remaining - quite a few!

EDSAC milestone passed

A major milestone in the reconstruction of EDSAC has been passed – some of the sub-systems of the computer have run continuously for one million cycles over the course of 20 minutes.

Making Everything Count

The latest EDSAC video about integrating different parts of the computer. Progress up to January 2018 in the challenge of reconstructing the 1949/51 EDSAC computer.

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Historic photos: British Rail computerisation

British Rail computerised ticketing pulls into the station. February's photo of the month from 1984. Thorne EMI wins a £25 million contract for computerised ticket-issuing systems.

The story behind that photo

Very few wartime photos of Colossus exist. Steve Cockayne, son of a Colossus operator Lorna Cockayne (nee Fitch), reveals the story behind one of the best-known Colossus photos.

OctaPi Enigma

Raspberry Pis make a brute-force attack on Enigma at a Milton Keynes Raspberry Jam. Just one of the many startling innovations created at the Jams at TNMOC.

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