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Heath Robinson runs again

Completion of the reconstruction Heath Robinson codebreaking machine celebrated with a Colossus Wren and relative of teh man after whom the machine was named. Plus a W Heath Robinson at War exhibition.

Unveiling Heath Robinson

The Heath Robinson, a Second World War code-breaking machine and the inspiration for Colossus, has been reconstructed and will be unveiled on Saturday 6 April. Plus W Heath Robinson illustration exhibition.

Paessler protection for historic machines

Paessler's installation of Sigfox-ready monitoring devices measure a variety of atmospheric conditions and alert staff if particular thresholds are approached so that action to protect machines can be taken.

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Valve Workshop Returns

One of the museum's most popular events returns on 11 May 2019. Find out details of how you can get your tickets inside. Come along and learn about the mysteries of thermionic valve technology in the home of Colossus.

Heath Robinson Day

On 6 April 2019, to celebrate the completion of the reconstruction of the Heath Robinson machine, the inspiration for Colossus, we will have a special display of Heath Robinson wartime illustrations and host two special talks.


The Museum will be holding its first-ever ElectroJumble on Sunday 21 April 2019 between 10 am and 2.30 pm. Items for sale will include test equipment, military items, domestic radios, telecommunication equipment and vintage components.

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Bug-on-the-wall view of EDSAC technical meeting

An insider view of an EDSAC team meeting. An example of the technical discussions necessary to accomplish the feat of reconstructing a computer that fist ran almost 60 years ago.

Authenticity v Reliability

EDSAC Video Update: as the roof work continues, work doesn't stop, it carries on in team members' heads. EDSAC has been seen to run on its own, so what are the challenges remaining - quite a few!

EDSAC milestone passed

A major milestone in the reconstruction of EDSAC has been passed – some of the sub-systems of the computer have run continuously for one million cycles over the course of 20 minutes.

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Dick Barnes 1921-2019

Richard (Dick) Barnes, co-designer of the Harwell Dekatron computer, died aged 98 on 8 April 2019. One of the first computer pioneers, he co-designed the Harwell Dekatron, aka the WITCH

TNMOC volunteer excels in cyber

TNMOC volunteer Ben Trethowan has won a prestigious 2019 National Cyber Award using skills and expertise from his professional career as an information security manager for Square Enix.

Historic Photos: Skype - not so new

The Datapoint MINX videophone: "an advance which could mean an end to tedious international travelling" - from the early 1980s, nearly 20 years before Skype was launched.

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