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Sending the elevator back down

An event was held at the House of Lords in support of the activities of TNMOC and Cyber Security Challenge UK to encourage more females into the cyber industry.

TNMOC to deploy Impero classroom monitoring software

Students and teachers on the Learning Programme TNMOC will soon be able to have first-hand experience of digital network monitoring software donated by Impero Software.

Fujitsu becomes a Foundation Sponsor

Fujitsu has become a TNMOC Foundation Sponsor. The move reflects the pioneering role that Fujitsu’s predecessor companies in the UK, such as ICL, played in the early days of the UK computer industry.

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Arduino Christmas holiday workshops

Ever wanted to get into the world of Arduinos but didn't know where to start? We have two amazing Christmas workshops one on 21 December 2015 and another on 28 December 2015. Suitable for any age.

An Evening with Colossus - Phil Hayes

Everything you ever wanted to know about Colossus, but were afraid to ask. New extra date: 11 February 2016. Chief Engineer of the Colossus Rebuild Phil Hayes guides and reveals some recent research.

Gordon Corera: computers & spies

Hear Gordon Corera, BBC’s Security Correspondent, talk about the secret history of computers and spies in the home of Colossus, the computer that was born to spy. Three more tickets just released!

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Remembering EDSAC

More of the inside story of the original EDSAC was revealed this week when Mrs Jean Renwick, wife of the late Bill Renwick, EDSAC’s chief engineer, came to visit. A long-held suspicion was confirmed.

Snagging: ironing out the EDSAC circuit bugs

The seventeenth in the series of short videos by David Allen about the latest stage in the EDSAC reconstruction project in late summer 2015.

Robinson - the key flaw found?

The Robinson, the predecessor of Colossus, never really worked satisfactorily in speeding up the breaking of Hitler's most secret cypher. The Robinson reconstruction team may have a clue as to why.

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Rebooting the WITCH - third life anniversary

Today is the third anniversary of the reboot of the WITCH, one of the most popular exhibits at the Museum. As the world's oldest working digital computer, many hail it as a "proper computer" ...

Colossus stars in Royal Mail Year Book

An in-depth article featuring Colossus and Tommy Flowers features in the 2015 Royal Mail Year Book. Earlier this year, Colossus was highlighted in the Inventive Britain series.

Second Members' day

Forty members of the TNMOC Members' Club enjoyed the Club's second open day on 26th September 2015. They saw behind the scenes and heard talks on eavesdropping and air traffic control.

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