First computer operators on BBC One Show

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BBC One Show has just paid tribute to the Wrens who operated Colossus, the world's first electronic computer that helped break the Lorenz-encrypted messages sent between Hitler and his generals.

You can see the clip here starting at 32 minutes (may be available to UK viewers only).

The working Colossus Rebuild can be seen daily at TNMOC.

You can see what the Wrens actually did on this video of the Colossus at 70 event:

You can find out more about Colossus and Tunny here.

Tony Sale's Rebuild of Colossus has enabled the fantastic story to be vividly told. TNMOC's tribute to the late Tony Sale.

And here is a tribute to the late Capt Jerry Roberts who did so much to bring the breaking of Lorenz to the public attention in recent years.

How to play a part in helping TNMOC tell the story of Colossus.

Earlier today, the Daily Telegraph published a story about the reunion.

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