Notes from the Museum

Historic photos - 1981 at the airport

Behind the scenes at the airport. British Telecom's “world-beating new computer system for speeding billions of pounds worth of cargo through Heathrow and Gatwick airports.”

Dick Barnes 1921-2019

Richard (Dick) Barnes, co-designer of the Harwell Dekatron computer, died aged 98 on 8 April 2019. One of the first computer pioneers, he co-designed the Harwell Dekatron, aka the WITCH

TNMOC volunteer excels in cyber

TNMOC volunteer Ben Trethowan has won a prestigious 2019 National Cyber Award using skills and expertise from his professional career as an information security manager for Square Enix.

Historic Photos: Skype - not so new

The Datapoint MINX videophone: "an advance which could mean an end to tedious international travelling" - from the early 1980s, nearly 20 years before Skype was launched.

Book of the month: Algol programming manuals

Pop along to the museum and take a look at these two original manuals for Algol programming for the KDF 9. They cover programming in general as well as the ALGOL specific language.

Historic Photos: A colour computer and women in 1980s computing!

The TRS-80 Color Computer was launched by Tandy Radio Shack in 1981. The image of the woman in the photograph perhaps tells us something about the attitude to women in the 1980s computing industry.

Fifty Years ago in Computer Weekly

Computers readied for planned moon landing, testing Concorde, Computer Weekly itself is typeset on computer (a PDP/8), a system for producing engineering drawings by computer and more ...

Nick Miers (1942-2019)

John Nicholas (Nick) Miers, a volunteer at TNMOC has passed away. An inspiring and very knowledgeable guide in the Tunny and Colossus Galleries, he is fondly remembered family and colleagues.

Honouring ERNIE in virtual worlds

For the launch of the fifth ERNIE, the premium bond selector created by some of the Tommy Flowers' Colossus team, TNMOC volunteer Martin Gillow has created a Virtual ERNIE. Try it for yourself ...

Joanna Chorley

We are very sad to report the passing of Joanna Chorley (nee Stradling), a Colossus veteran Wren and great supporter of the rebuild of Colossus.


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