Notes from the Museum

Historic Books: Memoirs of a Computing Pioneer

Maurice Wilkes is the author of the historic book for January. The designer of the 1949 EDSAC discusses his work in programming, time-sharing systems and anecdotes of contemporaries including Alan Turing.

Historic Photos: 1982 robot drinking buddy

The Heathkit HERO 1 robot kit came with a Robotics Educational Course. The January 2018 Photo of the Month from almost four decades ago.

Historic Books: Intelligence and National Security

The first scholarly, interdisciplinary journal devoted to the past history of intelligence work. Includes articles written by AG Denniston and Gordon Welchman plus the Action This Day memo.

50 years ago in the pages of Computer Weekly

Promoting IT in the Scottish Highlands, ICL makes sales inroads in the outback, for first time that pilots agree the need to automate of in-flight procedures, ICL in hospitals, and more ...

Historic photos: What Price Computer Memory?

What price a byte of computer memory in 1969? The latest in our photo of the month series from the Computer Weekly archive at TNMOC.

Historic books - Alan Turing’s Automatic Computing Engine

Alan Turing’s Automatic Computing Engine by Jack Copeland describes Turing's struggle to build the modern computer. First-hand accounts by Turing and the pioneers of computing.

Historic photos - Honeywell's 40-ton mainframe

Honeywell’s Forty-Ton Mainframe 1958-64. The Datamatic 1000 was the first electronic computer system produced by Honeywell. It cost about $2 million.

Up on the roof

Parts of the roof of Block H are to be replaced. Sadly, First Generation Gallery & Mainframes Room must close to visitors for 3 months on 30 November. Rest of the museum will be open as normal.

Who is the longest-serving programmer?

Who has been programming the longest? We've had lots of people stepping forward following a claim from a 70-year old who started coding in 1969. A flurry of updates: 1951, lunar programming ...

Design competition to celebrate second decade

As we enter our second decade, help us by designing a t-shirt expressing what we do! Open to all. Easy to enter!


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