Notes from the Museum

Secret crypto deal - new evidence

BBC's Gordon Corera came to TNMOC to talk to John Alexander about machines that may have been at the heart of a secret deal during the Cold War. Hear the it on BBC & see some of the machines at Summer Bytes.

Fifty Years of Computing

The video of Andrew Herbert's lecture about 50 years of computing to celebrate the fiftieth anniversary of Wolfson College, Cambridge University. Andrew is leader of the EDSAC project at TNMOC.

Members' BBQ raises over £1000

Forty members of TNMOC Club enjoyed a Gourmet barbecue at TNMOC generously sponsored by Third Light Ltd. More than £1000 was raised for the Museum. Anyone can join TNMOC's club.

The Imitation Archive Premiere

Matt Parker's The Imitation Archive, recorded at TNMOC, has been premiered on ABC Australia. You can hear it in its entirety here with some commentary from Matt Parker about his ambitious project .,.

The BBC Micro Lives!

Over the past year more than 4,500 students came to TNMOC on the Learning Programme, many of them using an original 1980s BBC Micro computer, but they need maintenance. See Update to the appeal.

MK team to compete in Festival of Code

Next month TNMOC will be entering a team of teenagers for the Festival of Code run by Young Rewired State. The competition aims to foster the next generation of creative digital specialists.

App-a-thon World Record Attempt

The results of Saturday's Guinness World Record App-a-thon attempt are eagerly awaited. At TNMOC a group of 25 people joined more than 1000 nationwide in a record-breaking attempt ...

Computer news from the summer of 1975

A teletext decoder is launched, packet switching progress, massive orders for ICL 2900, Xerox pulls out of mainframes ... A selection of stories in summer 1975 from the Computer Weekly Archive at TNMOC.

Computing in Air Traffic Control

Gary Gibson of NATS reflects on developments in air traffic control over the past 40 years that has been enabled by computer technology. From Bakelite headsets to virtual airports & data processing.

Colossus veteran recalls end of war in Europe

Joanna Chorley, veteran Colossus operator in Block H, recalls the end of the war in Europe. In fact she knew it was over even before VE Day, which was 70 years ago today.


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