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Computer news from the summer of 1975

A teletext decoder is launched, packet switching progress, massive orders for ICL 2900, Xerox pulls out of mainframes ... A selection of stories in summer 1975 from the Computer Weekly Archive at TNMOC.

Computing in Air Traffic Control

Gary Gibson of NATS reflects on developments in air traffic control over the past 40 years that has been enabled by computer technology. From Bakelite headsets to virtual airports & data processing.

Colossus veteran recalls end of war in Europe

Joanna Chorley, veteran Colossus operator in Block H, recalls the end of the war in Europe. In fact she knew it was over even before VE Day, which was 70 years ago today.

Easter Bytes winners!

Winners of the Easter Bytes competitions have been announced. We have an amazing Maze winner plus two LEGO aficionados who created an island and Google Glass for George the 1950's robot.

66 years since EDSAC ran first program

Today, 6 May 2015, marks 66 years since EDSAC ran its first program. Meantime the EDSAC reconstruction project is making excellent progress and its story is being told through a series of videos.


Thursday 30 April is Love MK Day -- that's Love Milton Keynes, the home of TNMOC. To celebrate the fact TNMOC has asked a few computers and machines to express their support.

Reaction to CyberCenturion

Amongst the many plaudits for the CyberCenturion event at TNMOC last week, Kelly Thomas, of Bishops Blue Coat High School, Chester wrote to say how much her team enjoyed the event.

Collectaholics takes a look at Colossus

Colossus has featured in a BBC2's Collectaholics as an example of the power of of conserving and rebuilding vintage computers. You can see the result on BBC iPlayer.

TNMOC on BBC Radio 4

Two BBC radio programmes featuring TNMOC are now online. In Ways of Thinking looked at creative coding and in a five-part daily series Aleks Krotoski explored Codes That Changed the World.

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Right now TNMOC is looking for volunteer Stewards & Guides. We're going to be busy over Easter! To become a Steward, no technical knowledge is required - we'll train you if you wish to become a Guide.


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