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2014 Tony Sale Award

The Computer Conservation Society has announced the result of the second Tony Sale Award for computer conservation. The two outstanding and contrasting entries represent computing in 1930s and 1950s.

A truly random donation

To mark the tenth anniversary of the Quantis cube, ID Quantique have donated the industry's first quantum co-processor to TNMOC. It's neither a 1 nor a 0 until you actually observe it ...

Say it with paper tape

When James Ward's girlfriend returned from filming at TNMOC, she returned with a present: some paper tape with a message on it for him. He was delighted and it gave him an idea ...

Gaming - the British invasion

In the 1960's Britain transformed pop music with the Beatles, the Stones and lots more. In the 1980s, it shook up the computer games scene. Tristan Donovan traced the history at TNMOC earlier this month.

Mystery object

TNMOC has just been donated an unusual artifact that has got a lot of people thinking on our Facebook and Google+ pages. It dates from around 1980, only 100 were ever made, but what is it ...?

Summer Bytes winners!

Winners of Summer Bytes competitions are announced. Two maze winners, two computers of the future winners and one Date Your Heritage quiz winner. Don't miss Christmas Bytes coming sooner than you think.

Wants and Surplus

TNMOC's Archive is a treasure trove open to bona fide researchers. We're looking to fill in some gaps in publications like BYTE and PCW, and can even dispose of some surplus copies.

Bill Tutte Memorial unveiled

More than 70 years ago, Bill Tutte made a breakthrough that shortened World War II and saved countless lives. He passed away in 2002 unknown to all but a few privileged people.

Computing in 1974 from Computer Weekly

Forty years ago: a TV data news service is getting close, Birmingham Post & Mail gets online for staff, Leicester gets traffic control system, and everyone wants ICL's new range.

BBC TechTent Live at TNMOC

BBC TechTent came to broadcast live across the world at TNMOC as part of the Summer Bytes Festival. Rory Cellan-Jones presented and Chris Monk of TNMOC made an (audio) appearance.


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