Notes from the Museum

The recreation of Robinson

There's a new project at TNMOC: volunteers have begun the reconstruction of Robinson, one of the early attempts to industrialise code-breaking during World War II.

GB2NMC International Museums on The Air

On the weekend of 14-15 June, TNMOC took part for the first time in the International Museums On the Air Weekend and made contact with museums in the UK and abroad.

Capt Jerry Roberts' Memorial Service

On 4 June 2014, a Memorial Service for Testery codebreaker and Bletchley Park campaigner, Capt Jerry Roberts MBE, was held in St Martin-in-the-Fields in Central London. Here are some photographs from the event.

Who remembers the summer of 74?

Stories from Computer Weekly in the summer of 1974 from the Computer Weekly Archive at TNMOC.

Capt Jerry Roberts MBE Memorial Service

A Memorial Service for Testery code-breaker Capt Jerry Roberts MBE will be held at St Martin in the Fields, London on Weds 4 June 2014 at 11am. All welcome. Here are some exclusive videos of Capt Roberts.

Colossal surprise

Professor Brian Randell visited Beihang University in Beijing last month to talk about uncovering Colossus and faced a Colossal surprise.

Bletchley Park aMazing winners

The winners of the Easter Bytes Bletchley Park Virtual Maze competition have just been announced. And we reveal the de-coded message that was in the eggs.

LEGO vintage computer competition winners

As part of TNMOC's Easter Bytes Festival, young visitors built vintage computers with LEGO. Here are their stunning results and Judge Jack Schofield's comments.

1980s BBC Computer Literacy backstory

A video telling the surprising back story of the 1980s BBC Computer Literacy Project, a series that brought computing to countless British TV viewers. David Allen, who produced the series, reveals all.

First computer operators on BBC One Show

BBC One Show has just paid tribute to the Wrens who operated Colossus, the world's first electronic computer that helped break the Lorenz-encrypted messages sent between Hitler and his generals.


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