Notes from the Museum

Colossus gallery closed tomorrow for a very special event

70 years ago tomorrow Colossus attacked its first Lorenz-encrypted message. There is a special event at TNMOC to celebrate the occasion and the Colossus Gallery is closed, but open as usual on Thursday.

"Deciphering Dissent" at Bletchley Park

On Friday 24 January, BBC Radio 4 and BBC 1 News at Six reported about the goings-on at Bletchley Park where Bletchley Park Trust visitors are no longer encouraged to see the Colossus Rebuild.

Bronze of Tommy Flowers unveiled at BT

A memorial bust of Tommy Flowers has been unveiled at Adastral Park, BT's research and development headquarters in Martlesham Heath.

The first computer in a private house?

On Thursday 12 December 2013 at 7.30pm, TNMOC hosts a talk by Dr Peter Zinovieff, computer music pioneer past and present, who believes he may be one of the first people to have had a computer in his home.

40 years ago in Computer Weekly

1973/4... from the pages of Computer Weekly compiled by TNMOC Volunteer Archivist, Brian Aldous. When the Channel Tunnel was moving from possible to probable ...

Home banking turns 30 years of age

HomeLink, the first home banking scheme was launched 30 years ago -- long before most people had heard of the World Wide Web.

BBC Radio 4 Extra at TNMOC

Maggie Philbin visits TNMOC on Bletchley Park to create a fascinating three-hour programme that raids the BBC archive to see how they reported the story of IT over the past decades.

Ever meet a computer named Vaughan?

Recently we were offered a Vaughan 4M computer. Though some of us have encyclopaedic knowledge of BBC Micro ROM model numbers and other computer trivia, most of us were left scratching our heads.

Who worked in Block H

Roy Jenkins is among the names of some of those who worked in Bletchley Park Block H, the home of TNMOC.

Bill Tutte - learn more about breaking Lorenz at TNMOC

In the second programme of the Science Britannica series, Professor Brian Cox hailed Bill Tutte as a British genius and the breaking of Lorenz as one of the all-time great intellectual achievements.


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