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Colossus at 70 - video

On 5 February 2014, TNMOC celebrated the 70th anniversary of the world's first electronic computer. Here is the 51-minute video of the event.

1974 in Computer Weekly

40 Years Ago... from the pages of Computer Weekly. When DEC launches its first microprocessor, when floppy drives were first tested and when ICL considered licensing software.

A Cray 1 arrives

Today, one of the most famous and successful supercomputers in history arrived at TNMOC.

Ian McNaught-Davis 1929-2014

I was first aware of Ian McNaught-Davis when I watched him climb and present The Old Man of Hoy with Chris Bonnington live on BBC television in an extraordinary windswept outside broadcast in 1967.

Celebrating Colossus at 70

Some pictures from the Colossus at 70 event on Wednesday 5 February 2014. And a selection of the resulting coverage.

Colossus - key links

The Colossus Gallery is closed 5 February for a special celebration, but here are links giving some background on Colossus, the world's first electronic computer. Plus information about the Colossus Rebuild at TNMOC.

Colossus gallery closed tomorrow for a very special event

70 years ago tomorrow Colossus attacked its first Lorenz-encrypted message. There is a special event at TNMOC to celebrate the occasion and the Colossus Gallery is closed, but open as usual on Thursday.

"Deciphering Dissent" at Bletchley Park

On Friday 24 January, BBC Radio 4 and BBC 1 News at Six reported about the goings-on at Bletchley Park where Bletchley Park Trust visitors are no longer encouraged to see the Colossus Rebuild.

Bronze of Tommy Flowers unveiled at BT

A memorial bust of Tommy Flowers has been unveiled at Adastral Park, BT's research and development headquarters in Martlesham Heath.

The first computer in a private house?

On Thursday 12 December 2013 at 7.30pm, TNMOC hosts a talk by Dr Peter Zinovieff, computer music pioneer past and present, who believes he may be one of the first people to have had a computer in his home.


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