Notes from the Museum

LEGO EV3 Mindstorms - visitors' turn

Last week TNMOC volunteers were exploring the potential of the brand new computer-controlled LEGO EV3 Mindstorms. At last weekend's Summer Bytes Festival, the kids took over ...

3D Printing at Summer Bytes

3D printing, one of the most exciting developments in computing, manufacturing, and design in decades, is starting to make areal impact tghis week it is featuring at the Summer Bytes Festival.

Part way down the Yellowbrick Road

At last weekend's Summer Bytes Festival, three great characters greeted visitors: K9 of Dr Who fame, George the Robot and the WITCH computer -- a few wondered where Dorothy and the Wizard of Oz were

YRS coding wonders during Summer Bytes

Today is wrap-up day for the 20 Young Rewired State (YRS) participants at TNMOC before they move on to the Festival of Code in Birmingham. See what they have been up to.

Fun and games with Arduino at Summer Bytes

There were fun and games with Arduinos last week during the month-long Summer Bytes Festival at The National Museum of Computing.

Barney Duffy invites you to JustTextGiving

TNMOC volunteer Barney Duffey invites you to donate to TNMOC through Vodafone's JustTextGiving by texting NMOC13 £(amount) to 70070.

40 years ago from Computer Weekly

A selection of stories from Computer Weekly in June 1973. A trip down memory lane or an entirely different world?

Wit & wisdom of Sir Maurice Wilkes

Anthony Wilkes recalling the renowned and rather dry wit of his late father, Sir Maurice Wilkes, whose centenary was celebrated at TNMOC yesterday.

The Software Gallery cat

Even before the official opening of the Software Gallery, its resident software-controlled cat was causing a stir.

Three things you (& we) didn't know about WITCH

Forty years ago last month, the WITCH was turned off at Wolverhampton Technical College for the last time. Last week several students who had used the machine at Wolverhampton returned to see it run again. And we discovered three things we didn't know about the WITCH.


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