Notes from the Museum

Reboot day images

The Reboot -- flashing lights and clattering bring back memories across the decades.

Striking a work-trek balance for TNMOC

Trekking and working in the wildest of places for TNMOC
Asti's 'Bloody Challenge' becomes even bloodier

Jake the Snake raises over £5k for TNMOC

Jake Irwin gallantly donned boxing gloves for TNMOC and raised a fantastic £5,600 for the new Colossus Gallery.

EDSAC Tape Reader

The family of the late Sir Maurice Wilkes has donated an historic 1950s tape-reader to TNMOC.

JustGiving by boxing clever

There are lots of ways to raise funds for TNMOC - and some of our supporters are very imaginative! You can back Jake who is entering a white-collar boxing bout.

Colossus gallery donors' special viewing

An audience of Colossus Gallery donors, TNMOC members and the Flowers family gathered at TNMOC on Thursday evening for a special viewing of progress in the ongoing refurbishment of the Colossus Gallery.

Prof Brian Cox visits TNMOC

Professor Brian Cox interviewed Captain Jerry Roberts this week about Tunny codebreaking in front of the Tunny machine at TNMOC as part of a new series for BBC TV.

Turing's SatNav & Milton Keynes Roadplan?

Pete Chilvers, a volunteer at TNMOC, writes: In my last piece I suggested that my SatNav is more intelligent than a chicken and that it found better routes than my own usual ones to TNMoC at Bletchley Park. But I now have an embarrassing confession to make.

Cliff Horrocks 1921-2012

Cliff Horrocks is already greatly missed at TNMOC. Below is Cliff's obituary from his family.

A Dragon Breathes Fire Again

Dave is a fellow volunteer at TNMOC with a bit of a passion for the 6800 processor and he has recently been working on a US computer known as the SWTPC 6800.


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