Notes from the Museum

New displays, restoring the oldest working PC in the UK and lots more.

Three new display cabinets in the WITCH room will display artefacts relating to British computing in the 1940s, 50s and early 60s.

A temporary display of Thermionic Valves

A new display of Thermionic valves, courtesy of one of our members.

More than machines

The National Museum of Computing hosts not only computers of all shapes and sizes, but also a large archive of documents and books.

How do you wake up a Cray Supercomputer?

Last weekend, Delwyn and Adam worked again on the Cray Supercomputer Y-MP-EL, focusing on the power systems. You don't just plug these giants from the past into a spare mains socket and hope for the best ...

Pioneers, Adopers and Natives

A very big thanks to Peter, a valued museum volunteer, who has been writing our blog for the museum’s website. Brian and Chris, two more volunteers, are going to pick up where Peter left off and bring you more from the day to day workings of our museum. So for my (Chris) first contribution, I wanted to share some thoughts about our all-important visitors

Project progress, members day, a request for info and looking forward

Having finally escaped from TNMOC (it took me over a month to dig the tunnel) I'm hoping to evade capture long enough to complete another bumper edition of news from the corridors of our increasingly popular computer museum...

Storage, network issues and tidbits from the archive

Another bumper update on activities at the museum over the past several weeks and a few more interesting tidbits from the archive...

A successful VCF, restoration project updates, IRIS is not well and keeping cool

Rather later than anticipated due to holiday and 'real' work activities by many at the museum, here is an update on what has been happening since the VCF.

Breath in...1..2..3...breath out... 1...2...3... and collapse... ok everyone... the VCF is over

This was one of the biggest events that TNMOC had ever put on, but thanks to a lot of hard work over the past months by the museum and Bletchley Park volunteers, the 'geekend' went really smoothly and was a roaring success.


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