Notes from the Museum

New gallery opening, a big day for the ICL 2966 and spooky tours of the museum

It's been a little while since the last update due to holidays etc., so here are some of the main activities over the past few weeks...

The 2966 asks for its first program, the BBC Micro returns to the classroom and other news

Things are certainly on the up with major progress on the 2966, good feedback from recent educational and business group visits and a new gallery is almost ready...

IRIS is working again, a new gallery is open and other activities

Things have been pretty quiet museum wise, although visitor numbers are still high, so here is a round-up of some of the activities in the past two weeks

IRIS ATC has a hiccup and the Elliott 803 store fault returns

Still lots of interest in the Harwell computer and a very busy weekend at the museum

The WITCH flies in from Birmingham, Elliott 803 reliability improves and more gallery progress

The WITCH arrival is an important event for the museum with Thursday and Saturday being very busy for all the volunteers.


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