Notes from the Museum

'It's' nearly here, Elliott 803 tape reader investigations and another BBQ

Work on revamping the workshop continues at a pace and the electronic office goes dark and gains additional walls.

Elliott 803 makes a noise again, the big red bus goes round and round and other news

A really busy weekend for visitors meant most of the volunteers were manning the various rooms, except for one which was having it's ceiling pulled down.

The cap doesn't fit, more equipment moving and yet another project started

A number of major projects are under way which is stretching our volunteer resources somewhat but it should make a big difference to what we have on show in the next few months.

Elliott 803 investigations continue, more ICL 2966 progress and a few antiques

Another busy weekend for the volunteers as we were able to open on Saturday and Sunday - Thanks to all those who gave up their time.

Elliott 803 investigations, the ICL 2966 gets hotter and the IBM 1130 takes off its clothes

Very much a techy weekend for the volunteers with work progressing on a number of systems - we also had some visitors!

Air conditioning, Elliott 803 fault finding and classic cars

Scorchio - the weekend was a very hot affair and we saw some very nice classic cars and bikes on Sunday.

Holidays, new gallery started and Elliott 803 activities

After a much needed holiday in Cornwall for some of the volunteers over the past 2 weeks, it's back to volunteering at the museum (which we all enjoy, honest!)... This blog covers the previous 2 weeks activities


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