Notes from the Museum

Normal service has resumed and a nice donation

After a very busy Easter weekend things returned to some form of normality this week...

Extended opening, IRIS is fixed (again) and new signage

With over 1000 visitors to the museum, it was a very busy Easter weekend for all concerned.

Admin office clearout, more equipment moving and the network box

ACME removals were the order of the day with most of the volunteers relocating equipment.

Network cabling, display boards and moving equipment again

After the musical interlude last week it was back to normal museum work this week...

Concerts, IRIS fault finding and late night openings

Many months of hard work and long hours by Matthew Applegate (Pixelh8) culminated in two very successful concert nights of his new work Obsolete?

Washing machines, strange smells and the PC gallery

Another interesting Saturday at the museum and a number of key events occured during the week.

Popping Corks and Bees

A really busy day finishing off the Development of Personal Computing Gallery.

Many hands make light work...

The pressure was on to complete the new PC gallery now the fitters have completed the majority of their work.

In a packed programme...

Yesterday was a super day. Warm and sunny, and the museum received over 400 visitors!

Busy, Busy, Busy

A very hectic day today (Sat) for all the volunteers with work done on the PC gallery, some nice interactive white boards, Sun Servers, another 803 fault and some more box moving.


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