Notes from the Museum

Specialist cleaning of NPL's Scrapbook

Behind the scenes at TNMOC, volunteers are at work restoring historically important computer systems. One such project is the restoration of Scrapbook, an early 1970s system that anticipated the World Wide Web.

Making IT Work - online proceedings

The Proceedings of the the first-ever international conference of computer conservationists Making IT Work are now available online. Held in May 2017, the conference was organised by TNMOC and CCS.

'Real computers glow in the dark'

A consignment of valves for the Colossus Rebuild has just been received from the California Historical Radio Society - beautifully packed and charges paid! They will help keep Colossus running for quite some time yet.

Computer acoustic signatures

Can you remember the booting sounds of your favourite computer? Sound artist and composer Matt Parker recorded the sounds of seven decades of computing for The Imitation Archive Project at TNMOC in 2015.

Cath's Computing

Cath read our stories of male long-term computer programmers, so she thought we might like to hear her story. It's a good role model for today's prospective female computer scientists. Thank you, Cath!

50 Years Ago in Computer Weekly - Autumn 1967

A forerunner of today's smartphone health apps appeared for heart patients, a PDP-8 handled hotel bookings at The Strand, an Elliott 803 helped Irish sheep breeders, and laser lit a way forward for memory.

The Members' BBQ

On a lovely summer evening in July (there was one!) TNMOC Barbecue was held for members just outside historic Block H. Patrick Boys has sent us some photos.

Stephanie Daman 1961-2017

We are very sad to hear of the death of Stephanie Daman, chief executive of Cyber Security Challenge. The Challenge, a sparkling event for up-and coming cyber students, has been held at the Museum.

A would-you-believe-it?

A surprise radio contact. On Sunday, TNMOC volunteers were making 1940s-style radio contact with continental Europe to mark the 73rd anniversary of D-Day (which is today to be exact).

Celebrating Volunteers' Week

It's National Volunteers' Week. The Museum can't over-estimate the contribution of its volunteers who work as stewards, guides, engineers & admin. Here are a few recent visitor comments.


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