Notes from the Museum

The spring of 1968 in computing

Mapping of space junk, DEC begin full PDP manufacturing in Reading, LEO III mailing list makes news, newspapers start some new-fangled computer typesetting, ICL formed, Elliott makes light pens ...

The Bombe ticks Horology clock

As we enter the last 24 hours of the Crowdfunder, the total stands at £43,881: £38,881 plus an additional £5,000 donation off-Crowdfunder. Your generosity has astonished us. Thank you everyone!

Bombe Crowdfunder in ITV Anglia

Just as the Bombe Crowdfunder started, Graham Stothard and Andy Thomson of ITV Anglia came to the museum to see what it was all about. They did a super on-site report on 15 February 2018.

Grand Digital won by a nine-year old

A race of computers spanning eight decades was won by a BBC micro:bit operated and programmed by a nine-year old student.

First Relaxed Opening Session of 2018 great success

The first Relaxed Opening Session of 2018, designed for people with autism and sponsored by Paessler, was a great success, says TNMOC's head of learning, Claire Marston.

Tony Sale Award 2018

The CCS invites nominations for the 2018 Tony Sale Award for Computer Conservation. The award, open to individuals or groups anywhere, recognizes achievements in computer conservation or restoration.

O11y Harlow, 1961-2017

Oliver (O11y) Harlow, who passed away on New Year's Eve, was a very popular and highly valued Museum volunteer who brought a wealth of experience, knowledge, skill – and personality – to the Museum.

Anne Langton, 1925-2017

We are very sad to hear of the passing of Anne Langton, one of the first Wrens (Women’s Royal Naval Service) to work in the Newmanry on the Heath Robinson machine and on Colossus.

The winter of 1967/8 in computing

Computing 50 years ago? The classroom of the future, LEO (EDSAC's successor) was optimising mail van trips, Memorex saw a future for discs and sales of 30 compact computers in a year was newsworthy.

Tommy Flowers SCITT graduation

The first cohort of 44 teachers from the Tommy Flowers School-centred initial teacher training (SCITT) initiative graduated at TNMOC last week.


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