Notes from the Museum

Winter 1966 in Computer Weekly

In December 1966, as The Good, The Bad and the Ugly was released, Newcastle & Durham installed the biggest-yet UK university machine, Elliott Automation bought out GEC, & OCR reached 10cps.

WITCH fourth reboot birthday

To mark the fourth anniversary of the reboot of the world's oldest working digital computer, the preparatory drawings for a Portrait of a Live WITCH by John Yeadon are revealed. And this time it's digital.

Margaret Sale wins MK Women's Award

Trustee Margaret Sale has won a thoroughly deserved Milton Keynes Community Impact Voluntary Award for her incredible work at the Museum and Bletchley Park over 25 years.

A fitting award for an archivist

The Museum's voluntary archivist Brian Aldous has received the most fitting of awards - a Community Action MK Award for Longevity!

Into the Lions’ Den

Tune in to BBC2 on Tuesday 4 October at 6pm to see a team from the Museum take on the Eggheads. "We felt like Daniel in the lion’s den and were searching frantically for a sling shot!”

A virtual Colossus?

An international team of modelling experts who met on an internet forum is attempting to construct a virtual Colossus. The team plans to build a 3D model of Colossus. This may take some time ...

Autumn 1976 from the pages of Computer Weekly

What was it like computing after the hot summer of 1976? Cray 1 passes its test, UK bookshops get an online ordering system, a Birmingham Museum sees history in the making ...

We're looking for old TVs. Can you help?

Remember the time before wall-mounted LCD screens? We're looking for small LCD TVs with analogue connections for our retrogaming events. Can you help?

Why world's oldest computer in Australia won’t work again

Summer Bytes see lots of interesting visitors. Last week, Dr Peter Thorne arrived to look around and told us about his involvement in Australia with the world’s oldest extant computer.

Self-driving cars & social robots at Bytes

Visitors to the Summer Bytes Festival were amongst the first to see and experience the new self-driving vehicles that will be coming to Milton Keynes soon.


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