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Early Computer Showroom Chic

Have you ever wondered what TNMOC's earliest computers might have looked like in a showroom or a catalogue? James Ball aka @Docubyte set out to explore exactly that.

Congratulations to TNMOC's Operations Director

Victoria Alexander, TNMOC's Operations Director, is currently on leave in Qatar, but she's not there on holiday - she is there to receive her Master of Arts degree in museum management.

Colin Barnes 1940-2016

We are very sad to report the passing of Colin Barnes, one of the key figures in establishing the UK Slide Rule Circle collection at TNMOC in 2009. Peter Hopp has kindly supplied this obituary ...

Winner of tickets to Electronic Superhighway Exhibition

Through the generosity of the Whitechapel Gallery in London, TNMOC ran a competition to give two free tickets to see the Electronic Superhighway Exhibition. The exhibition runs until 15 May 2016. The winner is ...

Great Bytes prizes

Lots of great prizes on offer at Easter Bytes: Wacom creative tablets, a round of golf at a top course, Escape Rooms experience, tickets for a rugby match, a T20 cricket match and lots more ...

Try the Turing Test!

Try the imitation game at Easter Bytes this weekend! Can you tell if it's a machine or a person answering! The answers to your questions will appear on a 1950's style teleprinter ...

Our favourite platter on QI

Our favourite platter appeared on QI this month - along with some core memory from a 1960s computer! The QI Elves had been on a tip-toe tour of the Museum in search of goodies.

Spring 1976 from the pages of Computer Weekly

When Intel announced its 'chip' computer, two orders are placed for Cray 1, and the House of Lords gets a computer-based information retrieval system ... the Commons has to wait.

Sinclair Holm - minding the shop

“I score very low on the geek scale, but I find volunteering in the shop very satisfying and I know I am contributing to a worthwhile cause,” says Sinclair Holm, who is in the Museum coffee shop on Thursdays.

Volunteering at TNMOC: variety & a CV booster

Jill Clarke has volunteered at the Museum for more than five years and enjoys the variety it brings and the new skills that she has developed. "One of my favourite aspects of being a volunteer is the Bytes Festivals."


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