Notes from the Museum

Spring 1976 from the pages of Computer Weekly

When Intel announced its 'chip' computer, two orders are placed for Cray 1, and the House of Lords gets a computer-based information retrieval system ... the Commons has to wait.

Sinclair Holm - minding the shop

“I score very low on the geek scale, but I find volunteering in the shop very satisfying and I know I am contributing to a worthwhile cause,” says Sinclair Holm, who is in the Museum coffee shop on Thursdays.

Volunteering at TNMOC: variety & a CV booster

Jill Clarke has volunteered at the Museum for more than five years and enjoys the variety it brings and the new skills that she has developed. "One of my favourite aspects of being a volunteer is the Bytes Festivals."

CyberCenturion 2016 Final at TNMOC

After three gruelling rounds of intense online cyber battles, ten teams of the UK’s finest 12-18 year-old amateur cyber talent have won through to the CyberCenturion Final to be held at TNMOC in April.

What's it like to be a volunteer at TNMOC?

As a TNMOC volunteer Andrew Spencer enjoys telling visitors the stories about the machines and loves to hear their reactions "interaction with visitors is very refreshing and stimulating after a week’s work".

Volunteer at TNMOC!

Have you ever thought of volunteering as a guide at one of the world’s top museums of computing? Sheridan Williams did and loves every minute of it. Here is what he says ...

Colossus at 72

On 5 February 1944, Colossus Mk I attacked its first Lorenz message. "The rest is history", as they say. Andy Clark tells the story in context at a conference in Poland.

2016 Tony Sale Award - call for entries

The Computer Conservation Society invites entries for the 2016 Tony Sale Award for Computer Conservation. Any person, group or organisation can be nominated. Closing date for nominations is 30 June 2016.

Origins of an artefact: Elliott 903

The Elliott 903, launched in 1965, was once a relatively versatile £10k computer. Today it is popular on TNMOC's Learning Programme. Its origins date back to the schooldays of one of TNMOC's volunteers.

TNMOC Members' Christmas Social

TNMOC members gathered - offsite - in London for their Christmas Social last month. Why not join the group and attend some of their fascinating events this year?


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