Notes from the Museum

Fascinating Ada Meeting of Minds

Three winners of the Fascinating Ada Competition designed to inspire female students about careers received their prizes at Oxford University this week and met two Colossus veterans.

Winter 1975/6 from the pages of Computer Weekly

When Queen had a Christmas number one with Bohemian Rhapsody, what was happening in computing? USA network planned to link incompatible computers, 1000th ICL 2903 installed (at £100,000) ...

Monster Resurrection

Artist David Link pays tribute to Tony Sale and three other British engineers and curators who practiced media archaeology long before the liberal arts discovered the theme.

Rebooting the WITCH - third life anniversary

Today is the third anniversary of the reboot of the WITCH, one of the most popular exhibits at the Museum. As the world's oldest working digital computer, many hail it as a "proper computer" ...

Colossus stars in Royal Mail Year Book

An in-depth article featuring Colossus and Tommy Flowers features in the 2015 Royal Mail Year Book. Earlier this year, Colossus was highlighted in the Inventive Britain series.

Second Members' day

Forty members of the TNMOC Members' Club enjoyed the Club's second open day on 26th September 2015. They saw behind the scenes and heard talks on eavesdropping and air traffic control.

Summer Bytes LEGO computer winners

The winners of the Summer Bytes LEGO buld a computer competition have been announced. As always it was a tough choice with some great entries in each of the two age groups.

New TNMOC video

A whistle-stop tour of TNMOC in smart new video encapsulating the Museum in a couple of minutes. Thanks to Mark Thompson of The Outlook Group for this exceptional piece.

BBC Talking Business visits TNMOC

This week BBC's Talking Business programme came to film its debate on Artificial Intelligence in front of the WITCH and you can see the results on TV or online this weekend.

BBC 5Live's Ones To Watch

BBC Radio 5Live launched its Make It Digital Ones To Watch initiative in the Colossus Gallery at TNMOC yesterday with Kevin Murrell and three coding wizards from Founders & Coders.


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