Join 'Astrid's Bloody Challenge' to Everest BC

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Astrid Byro, an independent IT consultant, is issuing a challenge to all-comers to join her on a trek to Everest Base Camp to raise funds for The National Museum of Computing and the Bletchley Park Trust.

Astrid, no stranger to Bletchley Park, fundraising, or even Everest Base Camp, has already led initiatives to raise funds for the Bletchley Park Trust and TNMOC through her work with ACCU (Association of C and C++ Users).

Following "Asti's Bloody Climb to Everest Base Camp" (see her lively blog ABC2EBC) last year, she now wants to scale the heights again in support of two organisations close to her heart.

Astrid explained: "The trek to Everest Base Camp is an exhilarating and truly challenging journey through an alien, craggy, glacier-strewn landscape where oxygen is in short supply and the sun beats down relentlessly. The sense of achievement in getting a close-up view of Everest is never to be forgotten and worth every little hardship.

"This is my second trip to the Base Camp and I'm calling it 'Astrid's Bloody Challenge'. I hope that by inviting others to join me in raising funds for BPT and TNMOC I will be able to not only secure much-needed money, but also to raise awareness of the important work of these two organisations. Sadly, it can be difficult to get people to part with money when it comes to topics like science, education, and history."

Astrid's fellow adventurers can choose which particular charity they want to support: The National Museum of Computing or the Bletchley Park Trust.

Both charities will be raising funds for young people who visit the site and want to develop their computer skills. The National Museum of Computing will use monies raised by this challenge to fund laptop workstations at the Museum so that promising young programmers, inspired by the Museum’s historical computers, will be shown how to develop their interest in programming on software they have at home or in schools. Bletchley Park Trust will use funds to purchase laptops for ‘hands on’ codes and ciphers activities for the 8,000 schoolchildren who visit the site every year, historical research sessions and collaborative university projects to bring the subject alive and to the fingertips.

To join Astrid on her Everest Base Camp challenge or to find out more, please go to the Really Wild Challenges and click on the Everest Base Camp Challenge. Here you will find valuable information about the group’s challenge departing 24 April 2013. The closing date to sign up online for the challenge is 24 November 2012 and you will have the opportunity during the registration process to indicate which of the two charities you would like to support.

Both charities are extremely grateful to Astrid for her latest fundraising venture.

Support Astrid's challenge for TNMOC

Notes To Editors

About Astrid Byro Astrid Byro is an independent IT consultant and Publicity Officer for ACCU ( ACCU is an organisation dedicated to encouraging professionalism in programming, the membership of which have been actively supporting Astrid's fundraising efforts for BP and TNMOC for many years. Astrid hopes, one day, to retire to run a small third-world country, but in the meantime will be Team Leader (and unofficial mommy) for this expedition.

About The National Museum of Computing The National Museum of Computing, located at Bletchley Park, is an independent charity housing the largest collection of functional historic computers in Europe, including a rebuilt Colossus, the world’s first electronic programmable computer. The Museum enables visitors to follow the development of computing from the ultra-secret pioneering efforts of the 1940s through the mainframes of the 1960s and 1970s, and the rise of personal computing in the 1980s. For visitor information for The National Museum of Computing, contact 01908 374708, email or see

About the Bletchley Park Trust The Bletchley Park Trust is a charity, whose mission is to build on the World War Two Codebreakers' legacy and to preserve the heritage site for future generations. The Trust is embarking on a fundraising campaign to raise £15 million, for the next phase of its masterplan to transform Bletchley Park into a world-class heritage and education centre to adequately reflect the profound importance of its impact on WW2 and the twentieth century. The Trust welcomes approaches from organisations or individuals who would like further information on opportunities to support this next phase of its masterplan. For visitor information for Bletchley Park, contact 01908 640404,, or go to

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Stephen Fleming for The National Museum of Computing, 01635 299116

Katherine Lynch, Media Manager, Bletchley Park Trust, 01908 272 665,

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