TNMOC Industry Seminar Series

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OpenVMS seminars start the series in May 2009

As part of its educational mission, The National Museum of Computing (TNMOC) at Bletchley Park is launching a series of Industry Seminars open to individuals and organisations.

The first two seminars of the series will focus on OpenVMS and will be led by Colin Butcher of XDelta Limited.

The first seminar, an introduction to OpenVMS, will be held at the Museum on Friday 15th May 2009. It will focus on installing and setting up an OpenVMS system from scratch. The second seminar on 22 May 2009 will focus on installing and setting up an OpenVMS web server and the SIMH simulator.

Kevin Murrell, a Director and Trustee of TNMOC said: “As trustees of The National Museum of Computing, we believe that we must be forward-looking and keep abreast of the astonishing pace of technological advances. OpenVMS is, for example, vital to our own operations and in training TNMOC volunteers we have the opportunity to open these seminars to the general public. Colin Butcher has generously agreed to lead these seminars and we look forward to two fascinating and very practical full-day sessions.”

Colin Butcher of XDelta Limited, an international expert in the design and build of mission-critical and disaster-tolerant computer systems, will lead both seminars. Colin is well known in the global OpenVMS community and is frequently invited to speak at events such as the European HP OpenVMS Technical Update sessions and the HP OpenVMS Advanced Technical Symposium.

The number of places for both seminars is limited, so anyone interested in attending either or both of them should apply for a place as soon as possible. There will be no fee, but donations to TNMOC will be gratefully received.

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Notes To Editors

The OpenVMS Seminars

The first seminar on Friday 15 May 2009 will focus on installing and setting up an OpenVMS system from scratch. There will be a practical demonstration of installing and setting up OpenVMS on all three hardware platforms: VAX, Alpha and Integrity. This will provide an introduction to the operating system and the three hardware platforms. All three systems will then be networked using both TCPIP and DECnet. Time permitting, we will finish by building a three architecture OpenVMS cluster.

The hardware to be used:

  • rx2660 Integrity Server with both local disc and fibrechannel disc (SAN)
  • AlphaServer 4100 with both local disc and fibrechannel disc (SAN)
  • VAX 4000-600 with local disc.

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