TNMOC opens up its archives

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Key source of British computing history becomes accessible to researchers

The rapidly growing computing archive at The National Museum of Computing at Bletchley Park is now open to researchers.

The collection which began only two years ago has just been re-housed in accessible shelving thanks to a generous donation by Compact Storage Ltd and it is now feasible for researchers to gain access to computer software, documentation, disks, cassettes, DVDs, films, videos that have marked the progress of computing, and especially British computing, over the past decades.

Highlights of the Archive include the complete ICL manufacturing archive on almost four million 35mm aperture cards and the complete Digital microfiche collection of over 10,000 films.

Led by TNMOC’s Archivist Alan Batley, the task of indexing and further expanding the archive is well underway. A fully-equipped office has been built alongside the Archive for researchers.

To request access to the Archive, researchers should email explaining the nature and purpose of their work.

“The new shelving has almost tripled the capacity of our archiving space and, more importantly, made its contents accessible,” explained Kevin Murrell, a Director and Trustee of TNMOC. “Although this is certainly not the largest archive in the UK, it must be one of the biggest computer history collections that is accessible to researchers on request. We are indebted to Compact Storage Ltd for their very generous donation.”

Erik Batley, managing director of Compact Storage, said: “We’ve benefitted from business from computer companies over the years, so it was fitting that we make this donation to The National Museum of Computing.”

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