Coverage of Wrens witnessing Lorenz from encrypt to decrypt

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For the first time ever, all the equipment used in making and breaking Lorenz, Hitler’s most secret cipher, was demonstrated and re-enacted to a private audience including Colossus Wrens at The National Museum of Computing on 3 June 2016.

Full story and photos coming soon.

The Colossus and Tunny Galleries are open daily.

See Lorenz, Tunny and Colossus

Some of the video and photo coverage:

Five surviving Colossus Wrens, a Colossus wirer and relatives of key figures in the Breaking of Lorenz were in the audience to witness re-enacted events. Encrypting and decrypting of messages was demonstrated using original and reconstructed equipment including an original Lorenz SZ42 encryption device, the Colossus Rebuild and the reconstructed Tunny machine.

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