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The Bombe arrives

With air lifts, wheel changes and extremely tight squeezes, the reconstruction of the Turing-Welchman Bombe, the Enigma code-breaking machine, edged its way into TNMOC thanks to a Crowdfunder appeal.

Paessler 2018 Spring Bytes Festival

The Paessler 2018 Bytes Festivals starts on 29 March 2018 with lots of hands-on events and workshops until 8 April 2018. Sci-fi, code-breaking, digital music, Station X, coding and learning are all in the mix.

Bombe Crowdfunder raises £60,000

The Bombe will stay on the Bletchley Park Estate thanks to the huge success of the Crowdfunder that raised £60,000, exceeding the original target of £50,000. Donations are still coming in.

Three Witches' Reunion

Three Witches – one scientific and two artistic -- have been brought together for a public display at TNMOC until the end of April 2018. Never before have these three Witches been seen together.

Grand Digital won by a nine-year-old

A race of computers spanning eight decades was won by a BBC micro:bit operated and programmed by a nine-year old student. The Grand Digital computer race held to celebrate the tenth anniversary of TNMOC.

Keep the Bombe on Bletchley Park Estate - Crowdfunder

TNMOC launches a Crowdfunder to keep the reconstructed Bombe on the Bletchley Park Estate. The original Turing-Welchman Bombes were used to decipher enemy Enigma messages during World War II.

Three Witches exhibition

There's an unusual perspective on computer at the Museum in February as two huge paintings created 30 years apart are displayed near their original inspiration – the WITCH, the world’s oldest working digital computer.

Paessler sponsors Relaxed Openings

The 2018 Museum Relaxed Opening sessions for people with autism and related special needs are to be sponsored by Paessler AG throughout 2018. Six new dates are announced.

Taking Control at Christmas Bytes

Taking control is the theme of the fun-filled 3-day Bytes Festival on 28, 29, 30 December 2017. Parent, daughters & sons can code robots, program Minecraft & experiment with the future of voice control.

The WITCH - 5 years as a returning teacher

Having defied the scrapyard on three occasions, the world’s oldest working digital computer is celebrating the 5th anniversary of its latest life as s popular educational tool in TNMOC's Learning Programme.


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