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Honorary doctorate for TNMOC trustee

Tony Sale honoured by The Open University for his work on Colossus

TNMOC opens up its archives

Key source of British computing history becomes accessible to researchers

The rapidly growing computing archive at The National Museum of Computing at Bletchley Park is now open to researchers.

Vintage PC Gallery opens

The key personal computers that have led the digital revolution in Britain are on display in a new interactive gallery at The National Museum of Computing.

TNMOC Industry Seminar Series

As part of its educational mission, The National Museum of Computing (TNMOC) at Bletchley Park is launching a series of Industry Seminars open to individuals and organisations.

Obsolete? Standing Room Only

The sound of vintage machines jamming – musically

14 May 2009 Hot news: Obsolete? now available on iTunes. UK purchasers go here.

When Colossus met Game Boy

Pixelh8 plays Bletchley Park on 20 & 21 March

Electronica music from vintage computers

UK's largest public display of slide rules opens at TNMOC

The diversity of slide rules, the analogue predecessors of digital computers, is celebrated through the newest exhibit at The National Museum of Computing (TNMOC) at Bletchley Park.

TNMOC reveals iconic air traffic control technology

Tango November Mike Oscar Charlie – they’ve got Pushing Tin working again, but it was Ben and Peter actually

Music from vintage computers

Modern music will soon be heard from some of the earliest and rarest computers in the world at The National Museum of Computing.


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