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Tunny rebuild completed

TNMOC displays the entire codebreaking process from signal intercept to final decrypt by Tunny

Domesday project revisited

Relive the 1980’s Domesday project on the original laser disc technology at The National Museum of Computing

Ten minute tour of TNMOC – now online

A new video made by TVUK gives everyone the chance to have a ten-minute tour of The National Museum of Computing at Bletchley Park.

Company Away Days at TNMOC

Company Away Days take on a special meaning at The National Museum of Computing

EDSAC, forerunner of general purpose computing, to be recreated

Plans for visitors to The National Museum of Computing to see the recreation of world-famous 1940’s stored-program computer

The HTML Patchwork on display at TNMOC

The HTML Patchwork, a colourful seven feet high quilt created by more than 200 sewers from across the globe, is on show at The National Museum of Computing from now until the end of December 2010.

TV star takes up residence in TNMOC

George the Robot, who appears on the BBC Wallace and Gromit TV series World of Invention, is the sixty-year old brainchild of Tony Sale. George is now at TNMOC.

Aerohive provides wi-fi access at TNMOC

Controller-less AP’s provide visitors and staff with Wi-Fi access

Computer Weekly donates its 44-year archive to TNMOC

The story of IT from specialised sector to economic powerhouse

TNMOC receives its largest-ever consortium donation

Bletchley Park Capital Partners (BPCP) and its associates have donated £100,000 to The National Museum of Computing (TNMOC) to help secure its future and enable its further development.


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