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When Colossus met Game Boy

Pixelh8 plays Bletchley Park on 20 & 21 March

Electronica music from vintage computers

UK's largest public display of slide rules opens at TNMOC

The diversity of slide rules, the analogue predecessors of digital computers, is celebrated through the newest exhibit at The National Museum of Computing (TNMOC) at Bletchley Park.

TNMOC reveals iconic air traffic control technology

Tango November Mike Oscar Charlie – they’ve got Pushing Tin working again, but it was Ben and Peter actually

Music from vintage computers

Modern music will soon be heard from some of the earliest and rarest computers in the world at The National Museum of Computing.

German code breaker receives Bletchley Park honours

Joachim Schueth – the man who beat Colossus in the National Museum of Computing’s Cipher Challenge

BCS secures computer heritage

BCS donates £75,000 to aid the development of The National Museum of Computing

15 January 2007


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