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The bigger picture: fragmenting a heritage site

A response by TNMOC Trustees to the Bletchley Park Trust statement dated 29 January 2014.
It is a follow-up to the TNMOC statement of 27 January 2014.

"Deciphering dissent" at Bletchley Park. TNMOC trustees' statement.

Following the BBC TV and radio reports on 24 January 2014 on "deciphering dissent" at Bletchley Park, the trustees of The National Museum of Computing make the following statement:

Entries invited for the 2014 Tony Sale Award

The Computer Conservation Society invites applications for the second Tony Sale Award. The award is to recognise achievements in computer conservation or restoration, and is open to any individual or group anywhere in the world.

Peter is ready for Christmas Bytes

Peter Boyd can hardly wait until Christmas is over -- then he can go to Christmas Bytes at TNMOC where he had such a great time at Summer Bytes in August.

Relatives of unsung wartime heroes meet

Relatives of two war heroes whose ingenious code-breaking work was kept secret for decades met for the first time during a private visit to TNMOC.

Flossie ICT 1301 is rescued

One of the first mass-produced business computers has been rescued from the scrapheap for the third time in its 50-year history. The ICT 1301, also known as Flossie, has just arrived in storage at TNMOC.

Space age donor glimpses its own history

4Links, SpaceWire technology supplier, has become the first corporate donor to enable TNMOC to leverage part of the matching funds from the £1 million pledge recently made by a technology entrepreneur.

Women in Computing Gallery opens

A new Women in Computing Gallery, sponsored by Google UK, has been opened at The National Museum of Computing on Bletchley Park by technology entrepreneur Dame Stephanie Shirley.

TNMOC receives a £1 million pledge

The National Museum of Computing on Bletchley Park, Buckinghamshire, UK, has been pledged its largest-ever single donation of £1 million and is seeking the required matched funding to double its value.

Rail programming

The updating of an traditional hobby has been enthralling visitors to the August-long Summer Bytes Festival at TNMOC.


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