The BBC Micro Lives!

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UPDATE: Thank you to everyone who has responded and to those who have helped spread the word. We have had a fantastic response and are now sifting through the many replies. We will be replying to all offers soon. Thank you for your patience.

One million fingers coding the past, creating the future.

Over the past year more than 4,500 students came to TNMOC on the Learning Programme and many of them used an original 1980s BBC Micro computer to hack a computer games program and perhaps gain their first experience of coding. (The others used a BBC BASIC emulator on a modern laptop.)

It's one of the most popular parts of the Learning Programme and high on the list of requested activities for returning groups.

We need some help in keeping the Beebs alive and for more people to join the BBC refurb team. If you are interested, please email and see the Volunteering section on the website.

Here's a short video about the Learning Programme to give a flavour of how important these machines are in the context of learning about computer history.

The Beeb has certainly stood the test of time. Teachers reminisce about their introduction to computing while the students get a thrill from this uncomplicated and rewarding introduction to computer programming.

The BBC Micro Cluster goes beyond the Learning programme too. It's used by the general public, visiting corporate groups and a few of the micros often escape on tour to external exhibitions and displays.

Keeping the BBC cluster going is down to the skills of a TNMOC volunteer team. So if you would like to apply to join that team, please email and see the Volunteering section on the website.

Two factoids to demonstrate the endurance of Beebs 30 years on:

2,250 hours of BBC BASIC coding each year
78,000 key presses per BBC computer annually

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