Admin office clearout, more equipment moving and the network box

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ACME removals were the order of the day with most of the volunteers relocating equipment.

Storage space for old equipment donated to the museum is a constant problem for us, especially now we have more of the museum open and plans in progress for other new areas. We are experts at using every available bit of space to put equipment in but there comes a time when this is no longer possible. Today was one of those days and it was decided that a major blitz and clear out/move was necessary. So the majority of the volunteers spent the day clearing out a number of rooms planned for new galleries and discarding old furniture which included some medical screens and a examination table, some old chairs, several cupboards and filing cabinets.Everyone was pretty knackered by the end of the day but the result was really good with 2 rooms almost cleared. Well done all those who helped.

We had some bad news on the archive shelving that we have been promised over the past 6 months. Unfortunately the company where the archive shelving was to be removed from and given to us decided not to part with it which was a major blow. However, the fitting company (who also designed and made the archive shelving) know how desperate we are to get the storage and have kindly offered to build us some new shelving themselves and fit it in the next 3 or 4 weeks. They are only a small company so that is a really nice gesture, for which we all give our thanks.

IRIS is sick again.... The problem of the BEG not booting, which we thought we had fixed last week, has returned and no amount of reseating of boards has fixed it this time. Due to other commitments in the museum, this problem could not be given much time this week so it will have to wait until next weekend before any further investigation can be carried out.

The admin office looks totally different now that Lin (with the help of a few volunteers borrowed from the equipment move) has re-arranged all the furniture and removed several cupboards and shelves. We have a lot more space to move in and more chairs to sit on. Nice job Lin and Co.

He who shall not remain nameless (Kevin M!) decided the reception office needed to be tidied up for some 'important' visitors during next week. True, there were a lot of network cables dangling from the ceiling, all the tables were full of stuff and most of the ceiling tiles were missing but... err.. there is no but, it really did need tidying up. No problem thought Peter V, should only take an hour or so... So work started on clearing out the room and re-arranging the tables better. Once all the rubbish was cleared it was decided that the network box (housing the router and 16 port switch) should be put on the wall rather than under one of the tables. No problem we thought, just put a few screws in the wall and we are done... nope not that simple (nothing ever is at the museum, we learnt that a long time ago)... The walls were actually 1/2 inch plasterboard so would never take the weight. The plasterboard was also a good 1.5 inches away from the actual brick wall and there were no wooden battens where we wanted to fit the box, and we did not have any screws long enough to go into the wall anyway. Barney suggested using 3 inch coach bolts so he went off the get some from B&Q. We then could not figure out how to get the bolts into the wall without making large holes in the plasterboard. An attempt was made to secure it using longer screws found in the workshop but we were not happy they could take the weight. We then figured out how to put the bolts in the wall but did not have a drill big enough so Barney trotted off the B&Q again to get a drill. Finally after some 4 frustrating hours (and a lot of spectators, including both volunteers and public peering through the reception glass hatch and making lots of suggestions but not actualling offering to help!), the box was finally secured to the wall. A further hour was spent re-feeding the network cables and fibre cable over the ceiling tiles to the box and then fitting some ceiling tiles. In the end it looked really good. Well done Peter V and Barney.

Tony F has been checking the visitor counters and came up with an adjusted figure of 207 this Saturday. Although this was somewhat distorted by the fact that someone decided to bring in a ladder which resulted in each rung registering on the counter. After a few discussions it was suggested that the door detectors were mounted slightly lower to try and reduce the false triggering.

After a very busy day we trotted off to our local pub for our after closing meeting / discussion / drink to find it full of football supporters. With opening hours at the park being extended, we arrived after the local MK Dons football match had finished. So we elected to go to a local hotel bar where it would be quieter and we could actually get to the bar!

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