Air conditioning (almost) installed and archive shelving completed

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A hot weekend resulted in a lot of visitors to the museum and frustration with the air conditioning...

Server room air conditioning

Having chosen a suitable air conditioning unit, this was delivered to Kevin M's house on Friday. Peter V then visited to pick up the 2 large boxes to get them to the museum on Saturday. After unpacking and measuring up the internal unit bracket was fitted to the wall. Then the difficult task of getting a 3.5 inch round whole through 3 courses of bricks (approx 18 inches). After much drilling, hammering and chiselling and using a SDS chisel from Barney, Peter V finally made a big enough whole to feed the pipework through and fitted the inside unit on the bracket. We then fitted a bracket on the outside wall to take the condenser unit and fitted that securely. Next we needed to connect the pipework and power cables between the two units, and after removing the cover from the condenser we discovered the power connectors did not match. We then discovered the pipe end connector was keyed but no corresponding key hole existed on the condenser. The inside and outside units could not be connected! After a quick call to the suppliers we were told we had a new inside unit but an old outside unit but there was no-one available to help until Monday. So after many hours of effort by Peter V, John S, Kevin M and Barney we were left with an air conditioning unit we could not use!

New server for PC gallery screens

A new DELL PowerEdge server arrived during the week and was fitted into a server rack. Ben spent most of Saturday installing Solaris 10 and reconfiguring it to talk to the Sun thin-client boxes driving the monitors in the PC gallery and reception. All went well and by late afternoon all the screens were working well with no signs of stuttering or slowdowns. We now have a powerful enough system to start setting up the OS emulations which we want to run on the back screens in the PC gallery. Nice work Ben.

Archive shelving installed

During the week, Compact Storage Ltd arrived to fit our new archive shelving which looks really good. It took them almost 4 days to install in the end which we followed on our web cam. On Saturday, several volunteers spent the whole day moving all the boxes stored in the meeting room to the new shelving. Before they filled almost the entire archive room, but now they just fill 4 of the 6 shelving units leaving lots of room spare for new archive material. Once again we would like to thank Compact Storage Ltd for their kind donation of this shelving which will make life a lot easier for our archivist.

Punch card kit

Work has now started on long and difficult job of cleaning and restoring some of the 40 column punch card equipment that arrived from Liverpool a few weeks ago. Graham has made a start on the card sorter and an examination of some of the other equipment has been done. Kevin B also made a start in trying to work out the best way to display the equipment around the room and has made templates for each unit to show the size it takes up. This should then allow us to layout the equipment on the floor and look at the size and design of suitable plinths to show off the equipment.

IRIS air traffic control

Jo was able to complete the earth wiring on the system this weekend. So far the system seems to be working fine and has started up reliably over the past few weeks. Still too early to say if it was the earthing causing the board failures.

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