App-a-thon World Record Attempt

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The results of Saturday's Guinness World Record App-a-thon attempt are eagerly awaited. At TNMOC a group of 25 people joined more than 1000 nationwide in a record-breaking attempt at the number of people simultaneously creating an Android app.

One of the main aims of the App-a-thon was to encourage females to participate and at TNMOC that was certainly a success with almost half of the entrants being girls or women.

At TNMOC, the event was co-ordinated by Volunteer Jill Clarke (co-designer of the Software Gallery too!). Jill said "It was very enjoyable watching people achieve something. During the appointed hour everyone had to try to create a meowing cat app, but when that was completed most stayed on to create apps of their own choosing. One of the TNMOC meowing cat apps sounded decidedly like a goat, but the post-cat apps were fascinating."

The apps created after the official App-a-thon included one by a little girl who wrote her version of Bash the Gofer as an app, one women created a big red button app to tell people what not to do in the event of her having an epileptic fit, and a couple developed an English to German translator app.

In total, it's thought that 1093 people across the country participated in the App-a-thon organised by BCSWomen, but everyone has to wait to see if Guinness World Records confirm the record.

Most of the TNMOC participants were new to the Museum, so they had a fascinating latter part of the day looking at the displays and realising the role of women throughout the development of computing.

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