BBC Talking Business visits TNMOC

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This week BBC's Talking Business programme came to film its debate on Artificial Intelligence in front of the WITCH and you can see the results on TV or online this weekend.

The programme airs on BBC on Friday afternoon at 3.30pm GMT on BBC World News Channel, on BBC News Channel in the UK on Saturday 19 September at 8.30pm and at some point online here.

BBC iPlayer version of programme available until about 13 October 2015.

How will robots and artificial intelligence change the way in which we work and live? Will artificial intelligence ever become more clever than the humans that designed it? What impact will that have and what ethical questions does it raise? Rory Cellan-Jones is joined in front of the WITCH, the world's oldest working digital computer, by Chloe Cook, an anthropologist at UCL, Professor Daniel Polani of the University of Hertfordshire, Will Jackson of RoboThespian

Since the BBC programme can be seen across the world, we thought that new visitors to the website might like to see a new short video about TNMOC, shot by Mark Thompson of The Outlook Creative Group. It encapsulates the Museum in a couple of minutes.

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