BBC TechTent Live at TNMOC

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BBC TechTent came to broadcast live across the world at TNMOC today from the First Generation Gallery as part of the Summer Bytes Festival. Rory Cellan-Jones presented and Chris Monk of TNMOC made an (audio) appearance.

Listen to the broadcast here

It has stories on 'Dark Net' -- it might not be as anonymous as many people had assumed. They speak to the creator of the anonymous Tor browser about claims that spies and hackers have laid bare the secrets the Dark Net supposedly protects. Plus a mini-mini-tour of TNMOC.

Rory Cellan-Jones presents. Also on the programme are Ingrid Lunden of Techcrunch, Leo Kelion of BBC News Online Technology, and TNMOC's Chris Monk.

On leaving TNMOC via the ticket office, Rory was praising the Museum to the surprise and delight of members of the public -- bewildered at first, they soon realised who had just been speaking to them.

TNMOC thanks IPCortex for providing high speed broadband to enable the programme to be broadcast (worldwide) from TNMOC.

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