The Bletchley Girls

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A book just published reveals the lives of some of the women who worked at Bletchley Park during the war. Written by Tessa Dunlop, the book tells the story of "war, secrecy, love and loss" as recalled by the women of Bletchley Park

It features Colossus operator, Joanna Chorley, whose rediscovered photograph brought together surviving Colossus Wrens at TNMOC last year.

Joanna rang up TNMOC delighted having just read the book: "I loved the book. It was wonderful to hear what else was happening on the Park. For security reasons, we were all focused on our own jobs, so we had no idea about the diversity of the work going on around us.

"I was really surprised about the existence of the Italian section. I knew it existed, but had no idea of the importance of the work it was doing. So many people with degrees working on menial tasks! But then it paid off because they could see patterns in the data and others would have missed!

"I felt particularly sorry for the actress who gave up her career to come and work at the Park. She could have had employment during the war as an actress, but she chose to come and help in the code-breaking.

"I am pleased with the way the journalist has represented my story and I thoroughly recommend this work to my fellow veterans. I'm sure they will find it as fascinating as I did."

The book is available through good bookshops and of course Amazon.

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