The Bombe ticks Horology clock

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As we enter the last 24 hours of the Crowdfunder, the total stands at £43,881: £38,881 plus an additional £5,000 donation off-Crowdfunder. Your generosity has astonished us. Thank you everyone!

Over the weekend, the Bombe, in its current location, had a visit from 20 guests from The Electrical Horology Society. They had a two-hour specially customised session on the complete code-breaking process from Enigma intercept to key of the day. Naturally, they were most interested in the extreme use of relays and techniques to achieve high speeds with both the commutators and the fast sensing relays.

The session is an example of the breadth of interest in the Bombe. In its new venue, the Bombe team hope to further develop these sorts of encounter.

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