Book of the month: Programming Program for BESM

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Programming Program for the BESM Computer
Ershov, AP
Published by Pergamom Press Ltd, 1959
TNMOC Reference: 002904

This book presents the results of one of the first experiments to develop a programming programme for electronic computers in the Institute of Precision Mechanics and Calculation Techniques of the USSR Academy of Sciences. Translated from the Russian.

It would seem that automating the programmer’s job has been around since pretty much the dawn of the computer age: even with the simplified programming languages and approaches of the 1950s and mathematical proofs of correctness, it was as elusive then as it is now.

One of their conclusions: “The use of programming programmes changes the character of the programmer’s work in a substantial manner.” Well, I suppose it would, but why not come along, take a read and draw your own conclusions?

Each month, TNMOC librarians highlight a historic book in the museum collection. The library holds an outstanding collection of books on computer history and milieu, and historically significant textbooks. Cataloguing is well underway.The online catalogue is on Library World.

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