Cliff Horrocks 1921-2012

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Cliff Horrocks is already greatly missed at TNMOC. Below is Cliff's obituary from his family.

Cliff Horrocks, who died in the early hours on the 1st May at the age of 90, was a highly respected electronics engineer who was instrumental in the successful construction of the rebuild of the Colossus computer at TNMOC on Bletchley Park.

During war time he was a Wireless Engineer and Trainer in the RAF as Ground Crew. Cliff spent many a happy hour in Lancasters, supervising trainee wireless operators. One of his more famous trips was in the Lancaster known as Aries on its record breaking flight in January 1946 from England to Capetown, Cliff jumping on board for its second leg when it landed in Cairo .

Cliff retired as Senior Electronics Engineer from FCO in 1980 and the majority of his work there remains classified, however it is known that Cliff’s work on the six tone Piccolo transmission system was instrumental in its success and it was Piccolo that was the only means of communications back to the UK from the Falklands during the conflict.

In retirement Cliff retained his interest in electronics and in 1995 the late Tony Sale approached Cliff to help him attempt to rebuild a wartime Colossus computer in Block H at Bletchley Park. I’m not sure if Cliff realised at the time how long the rebuild would take, but after some 14 years with a hot soldering iron the rebuild was complete and Cliff was finally able to put down that soldering iron.

Everyone who met Cliff saw him as a true gentleman who had time for everyone. Just remember Cliff as he was, a truly loveable gentleman.

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